We have complied a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Please browse through them, however, if you still can’t find what you are looking for, send us a message on the contact form below the FAQ’s


  • THE MyUniversalShop.com PORTAL

    • Q. How can I apply for a membership?
    • A.

      To apply for MyUniversalShop.com membership. You will immediately receive addresses in Europe, the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, China and South Africa that you can use to shop Global retailers

      Select the Membership option that is best for you.

      MyUniversalShop.com Premium Membership offers the best value to regular online shoppers

      • Massive Shipping Discounts
      • 30 Days free storage
      • Consolidation Service
      • $100 Free Insurance
      • 15% Bonus on Loyalty Points

    • Q. Do I need to enter my Credit Card details when I register for the MyUniversalShop.com service?
    • A. No. Your preferred payment methods will only be requested if you select one of the billable membership options or on checkout. You will also be asked to confirm your preferred payment methods on Checkout from MyUniversalShop.com.
    • Q. Can I pay in my own Currency?
    • A. Yes. You can pay in your own currency for Shipment related charges.
    • Q. Is my payment secure?
    • A. Yes. We have partnered with DPO Group www.directpay.online that allows you to pay securely using multiple payment options.
    • Q. Can I start using MyUniversalShop.com services immediately after I sign up?
    • A. Yes. MyUniversalShop.com will send you an email confirming your membership as well as your unique addresses. Packages addressed to you will now be accepted at all our locations.
    • Q. What do I do with the MyUniversalShop.com address?
    • A.
      1. Your MyUniversalShop.com address will be used as your "Ship to" or "Deliver to"
        • address when you register
        • or update your details
        • ... with the online stores.
      2. Your billing Address
        • USE:
        • Name: Your Name
        • email: Your email
        • adrress:Your adrress
    • Q. What items can I not ship using the MyUniversalShop.com service?
    • A. Restrictions apply to various products based on airline as well as country specific import rules. Please visit the country specific page if you are unclear or contact us.
    • Q. How many MyUniversalShop.com addresses do I get when I register?
    • A. Currently 7 (North Amerca,Uk,Europe,China,Hong Kong,Russia,South Africa) with more coming online soon
    • Q. What countries is the MyUniversalShop.com service currently available to?
    • A. We offer memberships and ship to the following countries
      • South Africa
      • Namibia
      • Botswana
      • Mauritius
      • Zimbabwe
    • Q. Can MyUniversalShop.com deliver to Postal Addresses?
    • A. In selected countries MyUniversalShop.com can deliver to PO BOX addresses
    • Q. Can I Upgrade my Membership with MyUniversalShop.com?
    • A. Yes. Select your Membership Options based on what makes sense to you. Any upgrades to your Membership will only take effect once payment has been received and the new Membership Type has been confirmed via your MyUniversalShop.com Portal to you
    • Q. Can I Downgrade my Membership with MyUniversalShop.com?
    • A. Yes. Send us a request for downgrade and we will deal with the request in 24 hours. Please note that a down grade will only take effect in the next calendar month after receipt of request.
    • Q. Can I cancel my Membership with MyUniversalShop.com?
    • A. Yes. Send us a request for cancellation and we will deal with the request in 24 hours. Please note that cancellations will only take effect in the next calendar month after receipt of request. We don't like to see our Members go, rather contact us and tell us why?,But you will always be able to use our services on an add hoc basis
    • Q. What Telephone Number to Use When Shopping Online? Can I use the MyUniversalShop number?
    • A. No. We have noticed many of our customers asking what phone number to use when ordering with merchants, though, and would like to make sure you have the answer to this question.

      MyUniversalShop recommends providing your own telephone number when ordering with any online stores. If you provide your own number, even if it is an international number, the merchant can call you should they have any questions about your order. In addition, some merchants may call you to verify your order or to follow up on your purchase and providing them with a good contact number will help them reach you. Remember that you can pay in your own currency for Shipment related charges.


    • Q. What is a Commercial Invoice?
    • A. "Commercial Invoice" is a document which states information regarding the goods shipped. This information includes the price paid for the purchased goods. The Commercial Invoice will also include information such as the buyer's name and delivery address, the Seller's name and delivery address, the goods purchased, the currency of payment, etc. A paper copy of the Commercial Invoice is normally included with the goods, however, some Seller's may elect to send an electronic Commercial Invoice by email.
    • Q. Why is a Commercial Invoice important?
    • A. In order to comply with applicable Import and Export rules and regulations, MyUniversalShop.com requires evidence of the actual purchase price of the goods shipped, as well as the Seller's name and address .It is important to keep a copy of the Commercial Invoice so that you will be able provide a copy of the Commercial Invoice to MyUniversalShop.com for import or export compliance. If your shipment arrives without a Commercial Invoice, or if the Commercial Invoice does not show the price paid for the goods, MyUniversalShop.com cannot export the shipment until the required information is received. We reserve the right to request a copy of your payment receipt.
    • Q. Where do I get a Commercial Invoice?
    • A. From the Seller. In the event the seller does not automatically include a Commercial Invoice with the goods, then you will need to request a Commercial Invoice from the seller, which may be attached to the outside of your shipment if a paper copy or emailed to you if an electronic copy. It would be preferable that the seller email a copy of Commercial Invoice so you can upload mail it to the MyUniversalShop.com Member Portal.
      It is Important to note that goods purchased from an eBay seller or private individual may not include a Commercial Invoice with all the required information. In the event you receive an incomplete Commercial Invoice, you will need to contact the seller and request a Commercial Invoice which includes the seller's name, address, buyers name and address, goods purchased, currency of payment and the price paid for the goods.
      Note Regarding Gift Items: In the event your shipment includes a gift item, the seller should still include a Commercial Invoice; however, the Commercial Invoice needs to show the price paid for the goods. Please note that all shipments must have a declared value and South Africa Customs will not accept an import shipment with a declaration of "No Value".
    • Q. How does a Commercial Invoice assist in receiving the shipment?
    • A. Including the Commercial Invoice will assist you receive your shipment quickly because MyUniversalShop.com can automatically enter the payment amount values, and the seller's name and address, on your behalf based on the information provided in the Commercial Invoice and, in most cases, you will not be required to take any further action.
    • Q. What must the Commercial Invoice contain?
    • A. The Commercial Invoice must include the following:
      • "Invoice" heading/no
      • Date of
      • Shipper's name and address including country of origin
      • Receiver's name and address( Which must be one of our addresses)
      • Itemised description of the goods purchased
      • Including the currency for the goods
      *Please note the Commercial Invoice cannot be handwritten*
    • Q. How do I provide MyUniversalShop.com with the Commercial Invoice?
    • A. The Commercial Invoice must be uploaded in at MyUniversalShop.com once you have signed in

    • Q. Are the MyUniversalShop.com shipment fees competitive?
    • A. Absolutely. If you aren't convinced that we can't get the shipment to you at a competitive price, do a rate comparison with any other similar service and see our real savings for yourself. If you still get a better deal, then please contact us.
    • Q. How does MyUniversalShop.com keep your shipping rates so low?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com uses our own unique MyUniversalShop.com Global Shipping Network. We do not rely on third party couriers to provide our network, rather we use our own. By using our own unique methodology, we are ultimately in charge of our own pricing. Therefore, you, the customer, benefits.
    • Q. How long does my shipment take to arrive with MyUniversalShop.com?
    • A. This is a Priority Service. Excluding any customs delays that may occur. The average shipping time with MyUniversalShop.com is 3-7 Working Days, from the date we receive the item in our applicable facility, depending on exactly where you are in your country.
    • Q. How does MyUniversalShop.com know exactly where to deliver my shipment to?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com has partnered with www.what3words.com to assist us in knowing where our customers prefer deliveries to be made to. On registration on our Customer Portal you would supply us with your delivery address, as well as the correct www.what3words.com location. Using this technology, we know exactly where you expect your shipment delivered, based on your 3m x 3m location that you have selected.
    • Q. How do I pay my Shipment Charges?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com will send you a notification of receipt of new invoice based on your preferred communication types. The invoice will be available for payment via your Payment Page or other preferred payment types selected
    • Q. How do the Shipment Charges Work?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com will send you a proforma-invoice for the charges to deliver your online order to you based on your transportation method selected as well as any special services requested. On receipt of payment the shipment will be dispatched to your country
    • Q. Can I calculate my charges in advance?
    • A. Yes.MyUniversalShop.com has a Shipment Calculator that you can use to estimate your shipping charges.
    • Q. What items are restricted for shipment?
    • A. Please consult our Restricted Items list. Please also note that certain items are restricted for export from the sending country. If you have any doubts, please contact_us
    • Q. Do I have to pay Custom Duties or Taxes on my shipment?
    • A. Yes. You are responsible for all customs duties related to your MyUniversalShop.com shipment. For Country Specific information please check the link. MyUniversalShop.com will clear customs on your behalf on receipt of payment of all applicable duties and taxes.
    • Q. Does MyUniversalShop.com charge to clear my shipment through Customs?
    • A. Yes. MyUniversalShop.com charges a negligible fee of 10 U$D to facilitate customs clearance on applicable shipments. See Country Specific information for more details.
    • Q. What are Disbursement Fees?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com pays the Customs Duties on your behalf. We charge an 7.5% handling fee on those disbursements.
    • Q. Are there any specific handling fees or charges that I need to be aware of?
    • A. Certain High Value items or Fragile Items may require special packages or clearance fees. Please see the Country Specific Information for more details.
    • Q. How do I calculate Customs Charges and Taxes before I ship the item?
    • A. We have included some basic calculations as well as valuable links in the Country Specific Information pages.
    • Q. Why do I only receive the invoice for any additional fees such as Customs, VAT, Taxes or Duties on arrival in my Country?
    • A. Taxes and Duties are calculated by Customs on ruling exchange rates on date of clearance, as well as on information extracted from the Commercial Invoice. As soon as this has been calculated and verified MyUniversalShop.com will send you the invoice for payment. As soon as payment has been received the shipment will be sent out on delivery.
    • Q. Are there additional surcharges for High Value shipments?
    • A. A High Value Shipment is classifying as any shipment with a total value in excess of U$D 2,500.00 MyUniversalShop.com will levy a surcharge of U$D 75.00 per shipment.
    • Q. What happens if I don’t pay for my shipment fees?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com will send you a second and third notification via your selected contact details as provided on your MyUniversallShop.com Member Portal. Failing a response, the item will be held for storage based on your Membership Option or 14 Days, whichever is the greater of the two. If these attempts to contact you fail, the shipment will be disposed of as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
    • Q. What happens if I don’t pay for my Customs, Duties and other fees?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com will send you a second and third notification via your selected contact details as provided on your MyUniversallShop.com Member Portal. Failing a response, the item will be held for storage based on your Membership Option or 14 Days, whichever is the greater of the two. If these attempts to contact you fail, the shipment will be disposed of as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
    • Q. What about returns?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com is not an agent of the Retailer or Online Store and we offer shipment transport fulfilment related services only. You would need to contact the Retailer or Online Store that you purchased the item from in the event of any discrepancies. MyUniversalShop.com will assist your return by giving you specially discounted rates for item return. Please note that all other charges will be your responsibility.
    • THE MyUniversalShop.com PORTAL

    • Q. What is the MyUniversalShop.com Portal?
    • A. The portal is your unique Membership space that informs you of:
      • Your Orders
      • Your Order Status
      • Your Payment Portal
      • Shipment Activity
      • Actions Required
      • Track and Trace Activity
      • Loyalty Vouchers and Points
      The portal empowers you to get up to date from order to delevery with every shipment.
    • Q. How do I notify MyUniversalShop.com of an incoming shipment?
    • A. When you have paid for your order at the Online Store, they will email you a Commercial Invoice, if not you would need to request one from them. (See Commercial Invoice for clarification).Sign into MyUniversalShop.com portal, then use the menu and got to Upload Doc
    • Q. How do I know that you have received my Commercial Invoice?
    • A. We will receive a notification from MyUniversalShop.com through your preferred method of communication,as well as being able to print/view your invoice at your account
    • Q. How do I know the progress of my shipment?
    • A. We will receive a notification from MyUniversalShop.com through your preferred method of communication,as well as being able to view your current shipment status at your account
    • Q. Can I speak to a person if I need to?
    • A. Yes. MyUniversalShop.com call centre agents that are available to assist with your queries. Please consult the Country Specific Information pages for the details.
    • Q. What Payment Option does MyUniversalShop.com Accept?
    • A. You can use
      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • PayPal
      • Debit Orders
      Our payment methods are totally secure using the latest encryption methods and certificates. Please see our Privacy Policy for clarity of how your personal information is processed and stored, if at all.
    • Q. Can I use a Debit Order to pay for my subscription method?
    • A. Yes. Simply select the Debit Order option on Check Out and follow the necessary steps
    • Q. Can I pay via Bank Transfer?
    • A. Yes.But this may lead to unnecessary delays as this has to be manually reconciled
    • Q. Will my UniversalShop.com refund me if I get the wrong item from the online store?
    • A. No. MyUniversalShop.com is contracted to deliver the item, as shipped by the online store, by you, to you. Any product disputes need to be addressed with the Online Retailer.
    • Q. How does MyUniversalShop.com deal with damages or missing items?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com will only accept liability as per your selected Membership Option or selected Insurance Option, whichever is the greater of the two.
      You are encouraged to procure additional liability cover on Checkout or the "Declared value for Liability" which is limited to:
      • the amount specified on the invoice that has been uploaded to your Portal
      • not be greater than and be limited to the cost of replacement or repair from time to time of such items at the time of the theft, loss, damage or destruction thereof
    • Q. How do I report a loss/damage claim for a MyUniversalShop.com shipment that failed to arrive or was damaged?
    • A. As per our Terms and Conditions , shipments are moved at owner's risk unless the "Declared Value for Liability" option has been activated. MyUniversalShop.com's liability shall only be available as per the Membership Option selected as well as the "Declared Value for Liability" option and shall be in addition be subject to the Terms and Conditions contained on the Website. To report a loss/damage send an email to info@MyUniversalShop.com
    • Q. How much does the additional "Declared Value for Liability" cost?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com has arranged additional liability cover for 3% of "Declared Value for Liability". This is restricted to a maximum value of U$D 2,500.00 per shipment.

    • Q. How do I track my Shipment?
    • A. MyUniversalShop.com is committed to provide you complete visibility and peace of mind of your shipments whilst in transit.
      We have invested in a sophisticated Information Technology Platform that offer a number of Value-Added Solutions.
      Our Notifications include
      • Notification of receipt of shipment documentation from you. It is important that you know that we have acknowledged your transaction.
      • Notification of processing of your shipment information.
      • Arrival of your shipment at our nominated Addresses
      • Processing of Payment Information as well as Payment received
      • Departure of your shipment from the origin country
      • Arrival of your shipment in your selected destination
      • Customs acceptance
      • Processing of Customs Payment if required
      • Last mile despatch
      • Delivery.
      These notifications are available on your Customer Portal, or via SMS or Email.
    • Q. Can you send me notifications via SMS/Email?
    • A. Yes notifications as you have set on your portal
    • Q. What if I need to change delivery information?
    • A. Yes: if the shipment has not reached the last mile delivery this may incure extra costs that will need to be paid if the delivery address is not in the same region/area
      No: if shipment is on last mile delivery