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Before you begin shopping choose the
perfect membership option that suits
you. Get access to shipping addresses
in every region in the world for a truly
global shopping experience.
Standard Membership offers
great savings and rewards and is
perfect for most shoppers.

Shop at your favourite online
stores and use your closest address at
checkout. Before you just start
shopping at the same old online
stores do the following:
  • Browse the range of stores that we at have showcased for you
  • Look for the same or similar item in different countries. The same product is often available at a lower price from the same store in a different country.
  • Check the shipping price out of each country for the same or similar product. It is often more than 50% cheaper to ship out of Europe and the UK than the USA.
  • Enter your address at checkout in the Online store when you have made the choice.
Browse the world for your shopping and keep a look out for our regular discount alerts.
The Online Store delivers your Shipment
to your Global Shopping Address and we
bring your shopping directly to you. To
ensure that you receive your shipments
promptly please follow the following
simple steps.
  • The Online store will send you a Commercial Invoice. If you haven’t received a Commercial Invoice, please request one from the Online Store.
  • Sign In to your Portal and upload your Commercial Invoice (PDF is preferred)
  • Once you have uploaded your Commercial Invoice you can sit back and relax, if we need anything else, we will let you know.
  • On arrival of the shipment at our facility you will be notified of detailed shipment charges and an invoice will be generated and sent to you.
  • Once payment is made will send the parcel to your preferred address.
  • On arrival in your country, taxes and duties (if applicable) will be calculated and the invoice will be sent to you for payment.
  • Your shipment is delivered and throughout the journey you with been kept undated via the Portal and any other preferred method of communication that you selected on registration.
Check our Country Pages as well as
Restricted Item pages to ensure that you comply with local import reulations