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Namibia does not have a de minimus value

De minimus is the value below which certain countries do not assess taxes and duties on shipments.

De minimis value significantly impacts eCommerce. This is because B2C orders are typically a much lower value than B2B, and a larger percentage of your shipments will clear duty and tax-free to specific countries. Shipments below the de minimis value will clear faster and provide an opportunity to get your shipments faster.

Please be aware that consolidating shipments will affect the value of your shipment and therefore the de minimus value as well.

Take note that many items can be received duty-free if the goods meet the rules of origin under free trade agreements.

IMPORT DUTIES AND TAXES, in addition to restricted items, will not transport the below into Namibia

Description of goodsProhibition/ RestrictionAuthority/ BodyAction Required
Firearms & AmmunitionRestrictedNamibian PoliceImp/Exp Permit
Explosive/FireworksRestrictedNamibian PoliceImp/Exp Permit
HoneyRestrictedMinistry of AgricultureImp/Exp Permit
All live Plants/productsRestrictedState VeterinaryImp/Exp Permit
All live animalsRestrictedState VeterinaryImp/Exp Permit
Meat/Meat offalRestrictedMeat Co.Imp/Exp Permit
Wheat, maize, cerealRestrictedAgronomic BoardImp/Exp Permit
Used Pneumatic tyresRestrictedMinistry of TradeImport Permit
Raw hide & skinsRestrictedMAWF/State Vet.Imp/Exp Permit
Diamonds/GoldRestrictedMines & EnergyLicense

In addition,CRAN (Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia), has a specific requirement for import regarding Electronic Communication equipment that needs to be complied with.


Certain items are restricted by as a matter of procedure. Other country specific restrictions are found below. Namibia is a SACU Country so the same restrictions as South Africa apply.

NOTE: Please note that the sending country may have their own specific restrictions.

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