3 Tips to get the best from Online Shopping

There’s no doubt that online shopping has changed the world for everyone. Now you can shop almost anywhere in the world, and have your order delivered to you in Namibia.

Not only do you now have access to products you can’t ordinarily buy in Namibia, you can also find great deals on some items that save you money. 

We’ve put together 3 Tips to help you get the most from your online shopping experience:


When shopping online, credit cards are the preferred me­thod of payment. However, you must remember that once your credit card information is online, it can be compromised if it falls into the wrong hands. However, there are some things you can do to minimise the risk.

Firstly, do your homework about the store you’re buying from. Read comments from people who have shopped with them before. Find as many reviews and comments as you can. The good, the bad and even the ugly. You can often tell if you’re dealing with a reputable online store by reading what others have to say about their experience.

Secondly, ensure that all your online shopping is carried out only on secure sites. You can tell is a page you’re on is secure by the tiny padlock icon found in the top right corner of your browser's URL bar (just before the website address). You should also see a ’s' in the URL address. Non secure sites and pages begin with http://, secure sites begin with https://. If the website address (URL) doesn’t start with https:// it doesn’t mean the website is trying to steal from you, it just means it doesn’t have the security it should have if you’re going to use your credit card.

Thirdly, never send your account numbers or any other personal information via e-mail, which isn't secure. For this same reason, you should never access a Web site to shop through an e-mail link. It’s always good practice to type it out in your browser.

Lastly, shopping using a VPN provides increased security, as well as masking the region you’re browsing from, so you won’t be told that you can’t shop because you’re based in Namibia. For more info on VPN click here


Online shopping is the perfect place for finding bargains. In a short amount of time you can check the price of the item you want to purchase, in multiple online stores, to find the lowest price. 

You can also use specialised sites that do all the hard work for you. For example:


One of the most painful parts of Online Shopping is waiting for your order to be shipped, and the price of the delivery.

This is where MyUniversalShop and NamPost can make sure your online shopping experience ends well.

We provide you with a delivery address in whichever country you want to shop from (sign up is free). This means that should you buy something from a store, in South Africa for example, who doesn’t deliver to Namibia, you can use your MyUniversalShop address for SA. It will then get delivered to our team in SA, who will send it directly to you via NamPost, in 3-7 days, at a great price. 

Another helpful tip to cut down on delivery fees is try and order many items at once from a single retailer. Your purchases should be lumped together into one large package with one delivery fee attached. When you create an account with an online store, each item you place in the Shopping Cart will stay there and wait for you. This way you can wait until you have added everything you want from that store before shopping for it. 


Any price quoted are at the time of publication, but may change thereafter and are store dependent.
Shipping costs quoted will be confirmed prior to your package being shipped.

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