Why do I have to register for a FREE MyUniversalShop Mauritius Post account

Received an SMS notifying you of a Parcel arriving via Post and a link to register?

When you have ordered an e-Commerce parcel and the Online Store has used the Postal Network to ship the item to you, you will be sent an SMS, Email and a Physical Parcel notification requesting you to register on MyUniversalShop.com


Shipping container at customs


The Post Office and Customs provides digital clearing services for the Parcel Post Office and Courier Services. To enable this service, we would require sufficient information to enable the process. This information will include but is not limited to:


  • Details of the Individual as in Identity, Address and Contact Information
  • Details of the Item imported


An individual has an allowance of Rs. 1,000 on gifts and personal items (excluding merchandise for sale, tobacco in any form, wines, spirits, arms and ammunition), and duty and VAT are payable if the value of the parcel exceeds this amount. Food stuffs, agricultural items and pharmaceutical items need clearance from the relevant Ministries.


Where it is clear the importation is for a private individual and the parcel contains sufficient information, an assessment will be made by Customs and the parcel will be released.


Please note that we will not be able to clear your item when it arrives without your information.


Follow the link from the SMS, Email or Parcel Notification that you have received and create your free account. When you create the account, you can indicate your preferred delivery address as well as add your Digital Address using the MyUniversalAddress system.


Top Tip: Please use the telephone number that you received the message on to register your account.


Simple, safe and secure

Having a MyUniversalShop Forwarding Address means that you can shop from any online store, anywhere in South Africa, even when they don’t deliver to Botswana.

  • SMS and online tracking events
  • Custom online payment
  • Take advantage of parcel delivery and parcel booking


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