How to Shop at Yuppie Chef from Botswana

With MyUniversalShop and BotswanaPost you can now shop at Yuppie Chef's Kitchen and Home Product online store, and have your order delivered directly to you in Botswana. Let's show you how.


About Yuppie Chef

Yuppiechef was founded in 2006 by two good friends and only thirty-two products in their lounge. More than a decade later, their simple goal remains: To offer you the best kitchen and home products—and to be the very best at doing it. Yuppiechef was born from a love of kitchen tools and a passion for cooking.

Yuppiechef emerged out of co-founder Shane Dryden's love for cooking and cool kitchen tools. Yuppiechef launched to make available the products and brands that people were seeing on television, but couldn’t always easily get hold of. They wanted to empower their customers to feel that even if all they could successfully make in their kitchen was a tomato sandwich, at least they could enjoy preparing it with a decent German knife, and serving it proudly on an on-trend slate board. Tools and ingredients don’t turn ordinary people into a Gordon Ramsay, but they can certainly inspire and motivate us to cook and share meals together—and that has always been their ultimate mission as a company.

Today, Yuppiechef is a premier kitchen and homeware store, stocking 700 of the world's leading brands. From knives, cookware and appliances - to soft furnishings and the finest food ingredients.


How to Shop at Yuppie Chef Online


Opening an Account - First thing you need to do, if you don't already have one, is open an account on Yuppie Chef. You do that by clicking on the 'Log In' button on the website. Once that page opens, click on the 'New? Create Account' link just under the login button. Or you can simply login through Facebook (you may need to know your Facebook Password in order to do this). If you don't create an account up front, you'll need to do so before you check out.

Next fill in your details and Submit the form (they'll send you an email to verify your email account).

With that out of the way, you're free to browse around Yuppie Chef's incredible website and add items to your basket (shopping cart).


How to get your order delivered directly to you in Botswana


This is the important part, because Yuppie Chef doesn't deliver to Botswana. However, with MyUniversalShop and BotswanaPost, it really easy.

If you don't have an account with MyUniversalShop, then you need to get one. There are 3 different memberships, each offering different savings and value. Great news is that our Basic Membership is free.

  • Once you've signed up, you'll be able to visit the 'My Store Addresses' page.
  • You'll see a drop down at the top of the page, where you'll be able to select the country that the Online Store is based in.
  • For Yuppie Chef it's South Africa. A unique address will be generated for you.
  • When you checkout of Yuppie Chef, use your MyUniversalShop Address

We'll then take over. Your order get's deliver to us, and we deliver it to BotswanaPost, who delivers it directly to you. We'll be in touch with you to let you know about customs and delivery charges, and handle all the admin and paperwork on your behalf.


It's really simple. If you don't have a MyUniversalShop account, you can sign up right now


Any price quoted are at the time of publication, but may change thereafter and are store dependent.
Shipping costs quoted will be confirmed prior to your package being shipped.

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