Everything you need to know about OneDayOnly

OneDayOnly is one of South Africa's most well known and loved online stores. They get their hands on everything from gadgets to groceries, slash their prices and then offer them to you for one day only.


Here's how OneDayOnly works....

  • Every night at midnight they wipe the slate clean and feature a whole new set of deals.
  • You get 24 hours to take advantage of their incredible prices!
  • Once you’ve chosen what you want, place your order (remember to use your free MyUniversalShop unique delivery address) and your order will be delivered to your door in Botswana (OneDayOnly will deliver to MyUniversalShop in South Africa in 5-10 working days, and we'll work with BotswanaPost to deliver directly to you in 3-5 days).

OneDayOnly has some crazy deals with discounts of up to 80% off. They have a huge variety of products, and new deals every single day.

Two other things to know about OneDayOnly:

  • AnotherDayOnly - Every month (usually on the last Thursday) they bring their best deals back for one more day.
  • Lunchtime Deal - At 1pm Monday to Friday they release a new deal for one hour only. Be fast or come last.
  • Newsletter - Many people use their newsletter as a daily reminder to see what the day's deals are. You can 
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