Get your Personal Botswana Delivery Partner for Black Friday

Black Friday occurs on the 4th Friday of November every year (this year it falls on 27 November). It's the informal name for  the Friday following Thanks Giving in the United States of America.

It originated because in the US, the day after Thanks Giving is seen as the start of the Christmas Shopping season. Since 1952 it has been the busiest shopping day in the year in the US



While there are many theories as to why it's called Black Friday, one of the most popular is that the day represents the point in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit, thus going from being 'in the red' to being 'in the black'.  Because of the high volume of sales they start to make a profit.



Even though Black Friday started in the US, because of online shopping it has increasingly become a global phenomena, as online stores around the world compete with online stores in the US. Whether the retail stores near you celebrate Black Friday or not, you can take advantage of all the great prices, no matter where you live.



While Botswana has an ocean separating it from the US, you can take advantage of the amazing Black Friday deals by shopping online. And what's more, you have two important online shopping delivery partners to help you take advantage of the the world's most incredible deals: MyUniversalShop and BotswanaPost

This is important because not many Online Stores deliver to Botswana. If you don't have a local address in the country of the online store to have your order delivered to, they won't let you finish your order. And if you do happen to have a local address then you need someone to take your order, re-pack it for international delivery and send it to you in Botswana. Once it arrives in Botswana you need to pay duties and any taxes and deal with Customs to clear your order. Only then can you receive what you ordered. That's a lot of work, hassle and cost.



With a MyUniversalShop account you get access to your own unique local delivery addresses for USA, UK, SA, China, Europe, and Hong Kong.  Because of COVID travel restrictions we advise only shopping in SA, UK and US at the moment.

When you check out at the end of your online order, you enter your MyUniversalShop delivery address for that region/country and it gets delivered to a Delivery Locker marked especially for you in that country/region. This means the first part of the delivery is local, so it's either very cheap or it's free.

MyUniversalShop then uses our global delivery network to send your parcel to BotswanaPost, at the best possible rate for international delivery.  We handle the taxes and duties and clear it through Customs. BotswanaPost takes over and delivers your order directly to you (or you can collect it at your nearest BotswanaPost Office).

It's really that easy to Shop the World and take advantage of the year's busiest shopping day

If you haven't got a MyUniversalShop account, . There's a free and account, as well as options for superior delivery prices if you're a regular online shopper.

Any price quoted are at the time of publication, but may change thereafter and are store dependent.
Shipping costs quoted will be confirmed prior to your package being shipped.

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